online ordering for your

catering business



Take orders on your website and under your own domain

Give your customers the ability to order directly from your restaurant's website 24/7 with an emphasis on mobile and beautiful images. We want to strengthen your brand and help you grow your business. 

Access customer profiles and re-engage them 

Access valuable data for every order you receive, get to know your customers and re-engage them easily. Process invoices for exisitng customers with access to their customer profiles. 

Fully customizable ordering page
Interface made for easy and quick ordering

Easily customize your ordering page with your logo, background image, fonts and colors. We want your catering page to be an extension of your existing brand. We will help you connect a subdomain or new domain to your ordering page. 

Our goal is for your customers to access your catering menu as quickly as possible and start adding products to cart. Fast checkout and customers are recognized on past orders. 

third party
Ditch 3rd party marketplaces
The online inquiry form is outdated

3rd party marketplaces steal your clients, take a commission on each and every single order, bury you among thousand of competitors. Strenghten your brand by having our own branded ordering system. 

Customers don't want to wait for a reply and echange 8 emails over an order. Our experience shows that having an ordering page right on your website for catering leads to more sales. 

Business growth

Our tools will not only increase the number of orders but also their amounts. Create related product recommendations. Launch marketing campaigns. 

Labor savings

Fewer phone calls, less emails and online inquiries lead to more accurate orders. Your staff can be focused on other tasks than processing orders.

Powerful features to run your business

From updating your menu on your own, to creating new delivery boundaries or launching a marketing campaign, we put many tools in your hands to be successful.

Customer accounts

Your customers information like past orders, delivery addresses, payment method are stored securely for them to access invoices and re-order quickly. 

Manage your multi-unit stores all in one dashboard

Our multi-unit restaurants love our product because we built it with them in mind. Manage every location in one dashboard. Compare menus, sales and customers behaviour across your locations. 

Dedicated support

Our support team is always available. We are on call and proactively monitoring orders as they come in and ready to help with any issues or questions. 




We are restaurant owners fed up with paying commissions to third party catering marketplaces.

We know how to run efficient restaurant operations and how to give great value to our customers. We conceived Caterness to help restaurant owners grow their catering business and their brands. 



Restaurants don't thrive on marketplaces where their brands disappear, their data stolen and the fees too high. We know that restaurants can be successful on their own with the right tools. We believe in the uniqueness of each and every restaurant. 


Caterness is a state of the art online ordering system that enables restaurants to compete in today's world. Caterness offers amazing tools to restaurateurs to manage their orders, their customers and their online presence. 



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