• Adam Jama

Why restaurants should handle their own catering deliveries

As an owner of 2 restaurants in midtown Manhattan, I can say that catering is now an important part of sales for any restaurant. When it comes to delivery, there is no doubt that restaurants should handle that service in-house. Here are some reasons why:

1) By letting marketplaces like EZcater process and deliver your catering orders, you are giving them the full credit for the experience and empowering their brand instead of yours. They will own your customer, charge you a hefty commission fee and you will not have the ability to market yourself properly.

2) Tip amounts for catering orders are high and are a great incentive for catering managers or employees to deliver and setup the food themselves.

3) Our data shows that training your catering manager to build a relationship with the main contact person on-site increases substantially repeat orders and strenghtens customer loyalty.

4) It is no secret that social media is an excellent and efficient platform of marketing and advertisement for restaurants. When delivering catering orders, take pictures of the delivered product (with client consent of course), post them on social media, and share them with your followers.

5) Each delivery is an opportunity to grow your business, expand your client contact list and get your brand noticed. Set goals with your catering managers that for each delivery they make they should get several names of companies within the same building or area and reach out to offer catering services.

6) By delivering the food, the catering manager will have a better understanding of the needs of the client and the customer will have the opportunity to put a face on your brand.

7) By delivering the food yourself you are controlling the experience the customer will have. Third party delivery services have extremely high turnovers and care less about your brand, not to mention they will take a hefty fee to deliver that order.

8) The catering manager that delivered the order should reach out to the client within a day, get feedback and plan for a future order. This is a good opportunity to build that restaurant-client relationship that is key to customer loyalty.

9) Catering orders usually have more than 24 hours notice time which gives you the ability to organize, plan and schedule the delivery well in advance.

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